REU Archives

These archives include information on past participants and final posters on the research they conducted.

Student & SchoolProjectMentors
Julia Peck, Purdue University pdfElectromagnetic Interaction Between the Insert and Outsert Coils of the 105 T Magnet System Doan Nguyen
Eric Britt, Florida State University pdfExplaining Fermi Surfaces William Coniglio
Charles Revello, Montclair State University pdfInvestigating New Phases of K-Mg-Mo-O Crystals Theo Siegrist
Jessica Folsom, Florida State University pdfEPR Analysis of Lipid Ordering Induced by an Antibacterial Lipopeptide Likai Song
Nia Harmon, Florida State University pdfUnveiling Sulfur Speciation by Deconvolution of Low-Resolution Mass Spectrometer Data Yuri Corilo
Abigail Centers, Florida State University pdfA New Approach to Data Management: Design and Implementation of Database Modules for the DC Field Facility Julia Smith
Qutell Adderley, Fisk University pdfElectrical Transport and Magnetic Characterization of Layered NdAuAl4Ge2 Ryan Baumbach
Juan Martinez, Florida State University pdfElectrical Properties of Few Atomic Layers Rhenium Diselenide Field-Effect Transistors Luis Balicas
Harvey Liu, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill pdfDesign of stereotaxic head holders for rodent fMRI Marcelo Febo
Linsey Rodenbach, Florida State University pdfElectrorefining Depleted Uranium (dU) Stan Tozer
Ariana Espinosa, University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez Campus pdfBiocatalytic Halogenation of l-Tryptophan Using FAD-dependent Halogenases RebH and PyrH Yousong Ding
Jonathan Mercado, University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez pdfExamination of contaminants inside of Glovebox using a Mass Spectrometer Yesusa Collantes
Kyle Buchholz, University of Florida pdfHigh-Cycle Fatigue of Inconel 718 Bob Walsh
Cameron Davis, Tallahassee Community College pdfMolecular Investigation of Surface Water Chemistry in the Munson Slough/Lake Munson Watershed in St. Marks-Wakulla River Basin by FT-ICR Mass Spectrometry Amy McKenna
Nicholas Samlal, Tallahassee Community College pdfSegmentation of Leukoaraiosis using Neural Network Thomas Mareci
Caila DeAbreu, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University pdfMaterial Database for Resistive and Pulse Magnets Ke Han
Greg Fritjofson, Trevecca Nazarene University pdfMaterial Characterization For High Field Magnet Technologies Yan Xin
Student & SchoolProjectMentors
Carlos Billini, Universidad de Puerto Rico pdfSite-specific Mutagenesis and Protein Purification of HIV-1 Protease for DEER Conformational Study Gail Fanucci
Tyler Bird, UC San Diego pdfProcessing Effects on Grain Size in K-Ba122 Samples Yesusa Collantes
Eric Britt, Florida State University pdfThermodynamic Calculations of FeC under Magnetic Field Ke Han
Kyle Buchholz, University of Florida pdfDigital Image Correlation Strain Analysis of Geometric Stress Concentrations Bob Walsh
John Chan, University of Texas at Dallas pdfEffects of leukoaraiosis on whole brain connectivity Tom Mareci
Samuel Cherrier-Vickers, Florida State University pdfTuning Magnetic Properties of Spinel CoV2O 4 Christianne Beekman
Jason Cote, Florida State University pdfCharacterization of a CCl Model of Traumatic Brain Injury Sam Grant
Nathaniel Falb, Florida State University pdfSynthesis and Characterization of Novel Rare-Earth Oxychloride Single Crystals Theo Siegrist
Jamie Hamilton, Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University pdfMulti-frequency, high-field epr investigation of high spin cobalt 2+ complexes Andrzej Ozarowski
Nia Harmon, Florida State University pdfUnveiling sulfur speciation by deconcolution of low-resolution mass spectrometer data Amy McKenna
Dylan Kolb-Bond, Florida State University pdfHigh Field Magnet Design Iain Dixon
Stephanie Marxsen, Florida State University pdfUsing a High-Throughput Screening Algorithm to Find Chelating Agents for Separation of Radioactive Waste Jose Cortes
Quyen Nguyen, The University of Texas at Austin pdfMechanical Interaction Between the Insert and Outsert Coils of 100T Magnet System Doan Nguyen
Erik Olson, Florida State University pdfDesign and Construction of a High Temperature Superconducting 1.5mm Cryogenically Cooled NMR Probe with Absence of Gold Overlayer Bill Brey
Mary Powell, Florida State University pdfTesting the utility of thallium isotopes to track dissolved oxygen using modern marine sediments Jeremy Owens
Rhea-Donna Reyes, New York University pdfProbing the Effect of Electric Substitution on the Correlated Electron Physics in CeNi2Ge2 Ryan Baumbach
Daniel Suen, University of Florida pdfAutomated Laser Tuning Steve McGill
Brent Summers, Florida State University pdfSupply of Natural and Industrial Aerosols to the Artic Ocean Concentrations and Isotopic Compositions Peter Morton
Jacob Walley, Gardner-Webb University pdfProduction of Photosolublized Carbon in the Presence of Dispersant Phoebe Ray & David Podgorski
Morgan Walker, University of Florida pdfImproving sensitivity in contactless conductivity measurements Applications to superconductors, metals, and magnetic systems William Coniglio
Student & SchoolProjectMentors
Deanna Bousalis, Florida State University pdfAnalysis of Cellulose Hydrolysis Kinetics John Telotte
Jamie Burke, Florida State University pdfRadio Frequency Signal Leakage in Mutilated Micro-Coaxial Cable Stan Tozer
Ramon Cabrera,Stony Brook University pdfA Conformational Study of Validity of a Valproic Acid Induced Rat Model of the Autism Spectrum Disorder. Marcelo Febo (UF)
Winston Chu, Florida State University pdfArduino Control System for a Temperature Bath Theo Siegrist
Anne Collar, Florida State University  pdfDuchenne Muscular Dystrophy Genetic Modifiers Glenn Walter (UF)
Hector Colon, University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez pdfOptimization of Milling and Sintering time in Synthesis of K-doped Ba-122 Superconductor Eric Hellstrom
Brian Giraldo, Montclair State University pdfSynthesis and Reduction of K5BiMo4O16 Theo Siegrist
Leon Gonzalez, Florida State University pdfLithium Diffusion in Graphene System through Molecular Dynamics Jose Cortes
Jasmine James, Claflin University pdfSystems Genetics of cold tolerance in a natural population of Drosophila melanogaster Dan Hahn
Sania Kamran, University of Miami pdfFree Water Difference in the Cerebellum and Basal Ganglia of Essential Tremor Patients David Vaillancourt (UF)
Brittany Keys, Jackson State University pdfInstrumentation for High Magnetic Fields Chris Beedle (LANL)
Mishu Khan (Amanatullah Khan) , University of Florida pdfAnalysis of Magnet Stability Under Various Parameters via Using a Modified Superconducting Coil Simulation Code (GANDALF) Iain Dixon
Hannah Landy, Hampton University pdfMeasuring the Concentration of Anions in Aqueous Samples by Ion Chromatography Bill Landings
Kaylee Ludden, University of Florida pdfConstruction of a continuous flow high-field pasadena hydrogenation reactor for analysis of stereoselectivity of concerted addition to triple bonds. Russ Bowers (UF)
Brittany McGregor, Florida State University pdfExtraction of Lithium From Seawater Using Ion Exchange Chromatography Roy Odom
Colleen Munroe, Roger Williams University pdfDetermination Of Spin-Lattice Relaxation Times Of 7Li Doped With Various Concentrations Of Mn(Ii) Bill Brey
Raysa Pereira, Buffalo State College - SUNY pdfDevelopment of High Field Magnet Technology for High Temperature Superconductor - 2223 Initiative Arno Godeke
Carena Ramos, Washington State University pdfDecomposition of Two Dimensional 13C-13C Solid State NMR Correlation Spectra for Structural Determination of Proteins Zhehong Gan
Nikole Roland, Gardner-Webb University pdfPhotochemical Degradation of Petroleum-Derived Water-Soluble Organics into Dissolved Organic Matter David Podgorski
Scott Saunders, Iowa State University pdfSynthesis and Characterization of CeCu2Si2-xPx Ryan Baumbach
Alysha Sheets, Tallahassee Community College pdfSolvent Extraction of Organic Compounds from Shale Rock Amy McKenna
Brent Summers, Florida State University pdfSupply of Natural and Industrial Aerosols to the Indian Ocean Peter Morton
Damon Williams, Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University pdfRheology of Fmoc-FF/Methanol Hydrogel Subramanian Ramakrishnan
Tatiana Yugay, Simmons College pdfHigh power microwave beam-splitter Steve Hill
Student & SchoolProjectMentors
Alyssa Ambroise, Framingham State University Fractional anisotropy and regional ADC of concussed rat brains using diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) Sam Grant
Tessa Bartges, Florida State University pdfCharacterization of Interfacial Material from Fractionated Athabasca Bitumen by Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance Mass Spectrometry Amy Clingenpeel
Rishi Bhandia, Occidental College pdfRetrofit of a commercial dilatometer for cryogenic thermal expansion measurements Bob Walsh
Elaine Bradford, Occidental College pdfEstablishment of a new expression system to compare quality and yield of oxalate decarboxylase in bacillus subtilis Alex Angerhofer
Winston Chu, Florida State University pdfSynthesis And Structural Analysis Of Ba3Ln2O5Cl2 Crystals Theo Siegrist
Jenni Crawford, University of Florida Study of magnetic anisotropy in S=1 TpphNiBr using electron paramagnetic resonance Steve Hill
Kursti DeLello, University of Central Florida pdfHexagonal boron nitride as the dielectric in transition metal dichalcogenide based field effect transistors Luis Balicas
Mathew Ennis, Skyline College pdfCan the fracture toughness of high Jc Superconducting Nb3Sn Layers in RRP wires be measured using micro-hardness indentation? Peter Lee
Terence Fisher, Georgia State University pdfModel and design of a laser frequency Tripler Steve McGill
Nyla Flowers, Spellman College pdfFractional anisotropy and regional ADC of concussed rat brains using diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) Sam Grant
Stephen Gibbs, University of Florida pdfFTIR Analysis of polymorphism in radom chlorine substituted polyethlene Rufina Alamo
Melissa Hirsch, John Brown University pdfMolecular dynamics simulations of copper crystallographic structures by LAMMPS software Ke Han
Josh Johnson, Garner Webb-University pdfPhotochemical Oxidation of Oils with Different Bulk Chemical and Physical Properties Huan Chen
Gregory Jones, Rochester Institute of Technology pdfDesign and fabrication of magnetic lens for femtosecond electron diffraction Jim Cao
Valentina Kucher, George Fox University Using the non-local means algorithm to aid in tracking neuroprogenitor cells in association with TBI Jens Rosenberg
Liliana Lozano, U. Autonoma De Juarez pdfHeterostructures of van der waals solids as potential building blocks for opto-electronics Luis Balicas
German Montero, Florida State University pdfInteraction of antibacterial α-AA peptide with lipid membranes defined by Multi-frequency EPR Likai Song
Gerardo Nazario, U. Puerto Rico Mayaguez pdfHeat treatment optimization and electromagnetic characterization of superconducting (Ba0.6K0.4) Fe2As2 Wires Eric Hellstrom
Jacqueline Pleasant, Claflin University Using a synthetic urine mixture to predict histidine chemical shifts under differing pH Art Edison
Ryan Quinones, University of Florida pdf(RE) ALTADENA Effect on Fluoro-Olefins Russ Bowers
Prince Emily Rably, Florida State University Time series of mercury concentrations in red snappers before and after deepwater horizon oil spill Munir Humayun
Edwin Simpson, Claflin University pdfMetabolic mechanisms of cold tolerance in Drosophila melanogaster Art Edison
Nathan Strachen, LeTourneau University pdfSimulation design and testing of a capacitive matching network for HTS resonators in NMR Bill Brey
Henry Travaglini, Bard College Room temperature electron spin resonance on-a-chip Irinel Chiorescu
Francisco Trujillo, Florida State University pdfGrowth and Characterization of high temperature metal oxides crystalline material utilizing optical floating zone method Ryan Baumbach
Ryan Voss, California State University pdfFemtosecond electron diffraction structure analysis of Al film and amorphous ZrCu Jim Cao
Rachel Weinsend, Florida State University Particulate trace elements sources, sinks, and cycles near Hawaiian islands Peter Morton
Michael Woods, Florida State University pdfElectrowinning DU from a KCl/LiCl eutectic and temperature-dependent resistance characterization Stan Tozer