REU Archives

These archives include information on past participants and final posters on the research they conducted.

Student &SchoolProjectMentors
Hannah Alderson, Florida State University pdfEvolution of Cerebral Hemodynamics with Migraine Onset and Progression Sam Grant
Taylor Ariko, Florida State University pdfDTI-based Hemispheric Differences in the 3xTgAD Model of Alzheimer’s Disease Sam Grant
Rakin N. Baten, University of Florida pdfKondo effect in superconductive tunneling Wan Kyu Park
Courtney Chiu, The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art pdfCopper-niobium interfaces lose structure and become increasingly unstable as the temperature of the system rises. Ke Han
Kristie Dick, Florida State University pdfArizona Test Dust: Purpose and Procedures Pete Morton
Evan Dieppa, Colon University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez pdfStudy of Bi-2212 microstructure evolution (filament bridging) during partial melt processing heat treatment Imam Hossain
Christopher Mann, University of Florida pdfCommissioning a High Field 14T Magnet and Low Temperature Cryostat for Investigation of Quantum Materials Dave Graf
Kelsey Marr, University of Arkansas pdfMonitoring Lipid Phase Transitions of Pulmonary Surfactant Mixtures Joanna Long
Phillip Martin, Cornell University Dimensional Reduction in BaCuSi2O6 Scott Crooker
Orion Van Oss, Columbia University in the City of New York Microscopic Fracture Characterization in Nb3Sn Wires On the image analysis techniques used to collect data on sub-element fractures in Nb3Sn Wires Peter Lee
Christopher Kolste Rakowski, Bucknell University Tetracycline Antibiotic Resistance Through Enzymatic Modification in Bacteriodes Strains Yousong Ding
Hannah Revell, University of Florida pdfOrder-Disorder Transition in the S = ½ Kagome Antiferromagnets Barlowite and Claringbullite Alyssa Henderson
Christian H. Rodriguez, University of Puerto Rico in Humacao pdfAnalyses of Brain Regional Volumes in Alzheimer’s Disease Mouse Models Using Non-Linear Symmetric Normalization Tools in ANTs Marcelo Febo
Benny Schundelmier, University of West Florida pdfOptimization of thermoelectric properties in f-electron cage-like intermetallic compounds Ryan Baumbach
Taniya Thomas, Tuskegee University pdfCharacterization of Sulfur Components in Field Samples from Historic Oil Spills and Seeps Amy Mckenna
Jane Wadhams, Florida State University pdfTowards a Vanadium Isotope Marine Redox Proxy Jeremy Owens
Katrina Webb, The University of Texas at Austin pdfFEM Simulations for The New 90 T Duplex Magnet Doan Nguyen
Nicholas Weisend, The University of Edinburgh pdfArizona Test Dust: Purpose and Procedures Pete Morton
Timothy Yen, Trinity University (San Antonio) pdfProgress Towards Online LC-MS Analysis of Naphthenic Acids Ryan Rodgers
Student & SchoolProjectMentors
Qutell Adderley, Fisk University pdfCharacterizing the Lipid Trafficking Mechanism of Surfactant Protein B1-25 Peptide Fragments Utilizing Solid State NMR Joanna Long
Cm April, Humboldt State University pdfReducing Magnetic Field Ripples for 60T Long Pulsed Magnet Doan Nguyen
Caitlin Cain, Virginia Commonwealth University pdfProduction of Bioactive Natural Products by Synthetic Biology Approaches Yousong Ding
Charis Cochran, Trevecca Nazarene University pdfGrowth of Large Single Crystals by Floating Zone Technique Theo Siegrist
Miranda Conley, University of Tampa pdfTampa Bay Ocean Acidification and the Influence of Dissolved Organic Carbon on Accurate Carbonate System Measurements Amy McKenna
Caila DeAbreu, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University pdfElectromagnetic and Offset Load Analyses of Test Coils of New High Field Superconducting Magnets Andy Gavrilin
Christian Duarte, University of Florida pdfVisualization of the Strain Gradient in a GaAs/Sapphire Bilayer using Optically Pumped NMR Russ Bowers
Kayla Edwards, Florida State University pdfCharacterizing Equilibrium Length of Living Polymers via DOSY-NMR Hadi Mohammadigoushki
Brett Farran, Florida State University pdfUsing thallium isotopes to constrain oxygen in the Cretaceous Jeremy Owens
Alberic Gan, University of Pennsylvania pdfCharacterizing Membrane Protein CrgA in Mycobacterium tuberculosis Tim Cross
Jack Grimm, Illinois Institute of Technology pdfMolecular Dynamics Simulations of Copper and Silver Systems Ke Han
Ellen Gulian, University of Maryland Baltimore County pdf395 GHz Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Spectrometer at 14.1 T Thierry Dubroca
Sarah Jorgenson, Colorado State University pdfPredicting Lung Volumes Using Dynamic MRI in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and Unaffected Controls Glenn Walter
Jordyn Lee, University of Florida pdfInvestigating Diatom Growth in an HNLC Zone of the Southern Ocean Peter Morton
Jesufane Mentor, Florida State University pdfThermal Diffusion in Polymer-Salt Mixtures – An Electrochemical Investigation Daniel Hallinan
Jacob Owens, Troy University pdfMechanical Properties of NHMFL-61 and Stycast L28 Epoxies at Cryogenic Temperatures Bob Walsh
Carley Reid, University of Tampa pdfCharacterization of Naturally Occurring Carbon in Lake Okeechobee Water and its Compositional Change Following Recharge and Storage in the Upper Floridan Aquifer Amy McKenna
Jennifer Sittler, Florida State University pdfPlanar Tunneling Spectroscopy of Topological Insulator SmB6 Wan Kyu Park
Student & SchoolProjectMentors
Julia Peck, Purdue University pdfElectromagnetic Interaction Between the Insert and Outsert Coils of the 105 T Magnet System Doan Nguyen
Eric Britt, Florida State University pdfExplaining Fermi Surfaces William Coniglio
Charles Revello, Montclair State University pdfInvestigating New Phases of K-Mg-Mo-O Crystals Theo Siegrist
Jessica Folsom, Florida State University pdfEPR Analysis of Lipid Ordering Induced by an Antibacterial Lipopeptide Likai Song
Nia Harmon, Florida State University pdfUnveiling Sulfur Speciation by Deconvolution of Low-Resolution Mass Spectrometer Data Yuri Corilo
Abigail Centers, Florida State University pdfA New Approach to Data Management: Design and Implementation of Database Modules for the DC Field Facility Julia Smith
Qutell Adderley, Fisk University pdfElectrical Transport and Magnetic Characterization of Layered NdAuAl4Ge2 Ryan Baumbach
Juan Martinez, Florida State University pdfElectrical Properties of Few Atomic Layers Rhenium Diselenide Field-Effect Transistors Luis Balicas
Harvey Liu, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill pdfDesign of stereotaxic head holders for rodent fMRI Marcelo Febo
Linsey Rodenbach, Florida State University pdfElectrorefining Depleted Uranium (dU) Stan Tozer
Ariana Espinosa, University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez Campus pdfBiocatalytic Halogenation of l-Tryptophan Using FAD-dependent Halogenases RebH and PyrH Yousong Ding
Jonathan Mercado, University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez pdfExamination of contaminants inside of Glovebox using a Mass Spectrometer Yesusa Collantes
Kyle Buchholz, University of Florida pdfHigh-Cycle Fatigue of Inconel 718 Bob Walsh
Cameron Davis, Tallahassee Community College pdfMolecular Investigation of Surface Water Chemistry in the Munson Slough/Lake Munson Watershed in St. Marks-Wakulla River Basin by FT-ICR Mass Spectrometry Amy McKenna
Nicholas Samlal, Tallahassee Community College pdfSegmentation of Leukoaraiosis using Neural Network Thomas Mareci
Caila DeAbreu, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University pdfMaterial Database for Resistive and Pulse Magnets Ke Han
Greg Fritjofson, Trevecca Nazarene University pdfMaterial Characterization For High Field Magnet Technologies Yan Xin
Student & SchoolProjectMentors
Carlos Billini, Universidad de Puerto Rico pdfSite-specific Mutagenesis and Protein Purification of HIV-1 Protease for DEER Conformational Study Gail Fanucci
Tyler Bird, UC San Diego pdfProcessing Effects on Grain Size in K-Ba122 Samples Yesusa Collantes
Eric Britt, Florida State University pdfThermodynamic Calculations of FeC under Magnetic Field Ke Han
Kyle Buchholz, University of Florida pdfDigital Image Correlation Strain Analysis of Geometric Stress Concentrations Bob Walsh
John Chan, University of Texas at Dallas pdfEffects of leukoaraiosis on whole brain connectivity Tom Mareci
Samuel Cherrier-Vickers, Florida State University pdfTuning Magnetic Properties of Spinel CoV2O 4 Christianne Beekman
Jason Cote, Florida State University pdfCharacterization of a CCl Model of Traumatic Brain Injury Sam Grant
Nathaniel Falb, Florida State University pdfSynthesis and Characterization of Novel Rare-Earth Oxychloride Single Crystals Theo Siegrist
Jamie Hamilton, Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University pdfMulti-frequency, high-field epr investigation of high spin cobalt 2+ complexes Andrzej Ozarowski
Nia Harmon, Florida State University pdfUnveiling sulfur speciation by deconcolution of low-resolution mass spectrometer data Amy McKenna
Dylan Kolb-Bond, Florida State University pdfHigh Field Magnet Design Iain Dixon
Stephanie Marxsen, Florida State University pdfUsing a High-Throughput Screening Algorithm to Find Chelating Agents for Separation of Radioactive Waste Jose Cortes
Quyen Nguyen, The University of Texas at Austin pdfMechanical Interaction Between the Insert and Outsert Coils of 100T Magnet System Doan Nguyen
Erik Olson, Florida State University pdfDesign and Construction of a High Temperature Superconducting 1.5mm Cryogenically Cooled NMR Probe with Absence of Gold Overlayer Bill Brey
Mary Powell, Florida State University pdfTesting the utility of thallium isotopes to track dissolved oxygen using modern marine sediments Jeremy Owens
Rhea-Donna Reyes, New York University pdfProbing the Effect of Electric Substitution on the Correlated Electron Physics in CeNi2Ge2 Ryan Baumbach
Daniel Suen, University of Florida pdfAutomated Laser Tuning Steve McGill
Brent Summers, Florida State University pdfSupply of Natural and Industrial Aerosols to the Artic Ocean Concentrations and Isotopic Compositions Peter Morton
Jacob Walley, Gardner-Webb University pdfProduction of Photosolublized Carbon in the Presence of Dispersant Phoebe Ray & David Podgorski
Morgan Walker, University of Florida pdfImproving sensitivity in contactless conductivity measurements Applications to superconductors, metals, and magnetic systems William Coniglio