Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU)

Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU)

The MagLab's Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) is an exciting summer program for college students interested in a science career by giving them the chance to work with MagLab scientists on an in-depth research project. This program is funded by the National Science Foundation.

The MagLab REU program offers a wide range of research experiences in physics, chemistry, biological sciences, geochemistry, materials science and magnet science and engineering. Participants work closely with MagLab mentors on a research project. Students also participate in weekly seminars and colloquia that broaden their knowledge of MagLab research and future careers. Participants will receive a $5,000 stipend for their participation in the program that is given in two increments during the summer. Housing is provided through the program should you need it. We cannot reimburse housing costs that are not through our program. We can provide travel support for participants to come to the MagLab on the first day of the program and to return home on the last day of the program. The travel support is up to $600.


  • Runs from May 30th to August 5th, 2022
  • Application Deadline: February 4th

Students will be selected by mentors at any one of the MagLab's 3 locations:

  • Florida State University, in Tallahassee, FL;
  • University of Florida in Gainesville, FL; and
  • the MagLab's pulsed field facility at Los Alamos National Laboratory in Los Alamos, NM.

To see the types of research projects that past participants have conducted, please visit the REU Class Archives on this webpage.

To learn more about research conducted by MagLab faculty and staff, please visit our research webpage.

Participation requirements:

  • You must be a US Citizen or Permanent Resident (Green Card)
  • You must be 18 years of age or older by the start of the program.


The application for the 2022 REU program is now open. Go to the application page.

Application Materials

  • A current resume that must be uploaded to the application.
  • The names and email addresses of 1 – 2 professional references.
  • Unofficial transcripts from all universities and colleges you have attended (Unofficial transcripts can either be uploaded during application process or sent by email to

REU Class of 2021

Our REU class of 2021 presented their summer project as a 3-minute pitch, wherein they described to our audience of judges, mentors, and family members what they did this summer. For the first time we awarded prizes in the following categories based on our judges’ votes:

  • Overall Winners: Hansel Chiang and Yazmin Rodriguez Millan
  • Physics winner: Eliana Karr
  • Engineering winner: Megan Reid
  • Chem/Bio/Data Science winner: Vamsi Posinasetty
  • Communication winner: Audrey Wright
  • REU Choice award: Spencer Gibbs

The videos show the range of disciplines and projects available to REUs who are accepted into the program.

  • Caleb Betts

    Building a SPM Lab

    Florida State University | Mentors: Guangxin Ni, Cui Songbin

  • Huan-Hsing Chiang

    MnO2 Nanoparticles on sisal fibers for environmental applications

    University of Texas - Austin | Mentor: Martha Chacon

    Overall Winner

  • Rachel Field

    Image Processing: Measurements at an atomic scale

    Morgan State University | Mentor: Yan Xin

  • Alexander Fryer

    Microwave absorption of TEMPO in Hexane at 400 GHz

    Florida State University | Mentor: Thierry Dubroca

  • Spencer Gibbs

    Thermoelectric cogeneration to increase efficiency in power plants

    University of Pennsylvania | Mentors: David Graf, Kaya Wei

    REU Choice award

  • Lauren Hearn

    Characterization of biogeochemical processes in the southern ocean

    Florida State University | Mentor: Peter Morton

  • Eliana Karr

    Thermoelectric crystalline materials

    Florida State University | Mentors: Kaya Wei, Ryan Baumbach, Benny Schundelmier

    Physics winner

  • Elzbieta Krekora

    Effect of heat treatment on delta phase of Nb3Sn

    Florida State University | Mentors: Peter Lee, Najob Cheggour

  • Benjamin Labiner

    Designing a miniature drive system for STM

    Florida State University | Mentor: Lin Jiao

  • Lauren McNealy

    High entropy alloys as biomaterials

    Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University | Mentors: Ryan Baumbach, Kaya Wei, William Lucas Nelson

  • Paige Nielsen

    Analysis of passive and active microrheological methods for probing biomimetic fluids

    Florida State University | Mentors: David Quashie Jr., Jamel Ali

  • Vamsi Posinasetty

    Data management - the unknown summarized

    Florida State University | Mentor: Kari Roberts

    Chem/Bio/Data Science Winner

  • Jenna Radovich

    rs-fMRI-based network analysis to longitudinally assess functional recovery post-ischemia at 21.1 T

    Florida State University | Mentors: Sam Grant, David Hike

  • Fernando Ramos-Diaz

    Rabi oscillations & precession

    Virginia Tech | Mentors: Irinel Chiorescu, Giovanni Franco

  • Megan Reid

    Study of cool down effects on optical displacement sensors

    Florida State University | Mentor: Adam Voran

    Engineering Winner

  • Yazmin Rodriguez-Millan

    MnO2 Nanoparticles on sisal fibers for environmental applications

    Universidad Interamericana de Puerto Rico | Mentor: Martha Chacon

    Overall Winner

  • Iain Siegrist

    Corrective Ferroshim MATLAB Script

    Florida State University | Mentor: Ilya Litvak

  • Audrey Wright

    Superconducting REBCO tape lap joints: Optimization testing

    Tallahassee Community College | Mentors: Tom Painter, Robert Stanton, Mike White

    Communication Winner

  • LaDonna Wyatt

    Biofuel of the future: Molecular characterization of polar lipid from nanoparticle-treated cyanobacteria by FT-ICR MS

    Morgan State University | Mentor: Huan Chen

  • Russell Zimmerman

    Molecular dynamics simulation of Al-Cu-O system

    Washington and Lee University | Mentor: Ke Han

For more information contact Kawana Johnson, PhD.