Internship Class of 2018

Student & SchoolProjectMentors
Troy Brumm, Florida State University pdfOxygen Sensor Aberrations in Helium-Air Mixtures Mark Vanderlaan
Abigail Centers, Florida State University pdfA New Real-Time Monitoring System for the DC Field Power Supplies: Writing Software and Hardware Functionality Julia Smith
Joshua Conway, Tallahassee Community College pdfSummer Internship: Machine Shop Vaughan Williams
Steffen Disbergen, Florida State University pdfTwo Lens Camera Apparatus for Resistive Split Magnet Stephen McGill
Kurstin Douin, Flagler College Tallahassee pdfSafety at the MagLab Colleen Davis
Noah Fuentes, University of North Florida pdfData Logger Optimization for SCH Magnet Ilya Litvak
Richard Lucius, Georgia Southern University pdfDesign of HiPot Safety Enclosure Jason Kitchen
David Perez, Florida State University pdfOptimizing TM Analysis in Marine Samples of ICP-MS Peter Morton
Hannah Revell, University of Florida pdfSingle Crystal Growth of Claringbullite; Cu4(OH)6FCl Alyssa Henderson
Steffanie Sillitoe-Kukas, Florida State University pdfAncient Martian Sedimentary Processes Recorded in Impact Melts from a Martian Breccia Munir Humayun
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