Internship Archives

Student & SchoolProjectMentors
Troy Brumm, Florida State University pdfOxygen Sensor Aberrations in Helium-Air Mixtures Mark Vanderlaan
Abigail Centers, Florida State University pdfA New Real-Time Monitoring System for the DC Field Power Supplies: Writing Software and Hardware Functionality Julia Smith
Joshua Conway, Tallahassee Community College pdfSummer Internship: Machine Shop Vaughan Williams
Steffen Disbergen, Florida State University pdfTwo Lens Camera Apparatus for Resistive Split Magnet Stephen McGill
Kurstin Douin, Flagler College Tallahassee pdfSafety at the MagLab Colleen Davis
Noah Fuentes, University of North Florida pdfData Logger Optimization for SCH Magnet Ilya Litvak
Richard Lucius, Georgia Southern University pdfDesign of HiPot Safety Enclosure Jason Kitchen
David Perez, Florida State University pdfOptimizing TM Analysis in Marine Samples of ICP-MS Peter Morton
Hannah Revell, University of Florida pdfSingle Crystal Growth of Claringbullite; Cu4(OH)6FCl Alyssa Henderson
Steffanie Sillitoe-Kukas, Florida State University pdfAncient Martian Sedimentary Processes Recorded in Impact Melts from a Martian Breccia Munir Humayun
Student & SchoolProjectMentors
Poornachanda Deenadayalan, James S. Rickards High School pdfDeciphering the Mysterious Waters of Wakulla Springs David Podgorski
Donovan Kelley, St. John Paul II CHS pdfMicrowave Beam Power Control and NMR Frequency Lock for Dynamic Nuclear Polarization Thierry Dubroca
Folaranmi Adenola, Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University pdfRaman spectroscopy on organic spin ladder (DT-TTF)2Cu(mnt)2 Komalavalli Thirunavukkuarasu
Ashley Deverteuil, Tallahassee Community College pdfMolecular Understanding on Microbial Degradation of Macondo Well Oil Huan Chen
Dominick Sossong, Illinois Institute of Technology pdfIntegrated Coil Form Magnet Winding Development Tom Painter
Alexys Sutton, Leon High School pdfMolecular Understanding on Microbial Degradation of Macondo Well Oil Huan Chen
Timothy Yen, Dulles High School pdfMolecular-Level Compositional Analysis of Condensates and Crude Oils by GC×GC MS and FT-ICR MS  
Stephanie McColaugh, Florida State Universty pdfThe Geochemistry Of Greenland Ice Sheet Melt Water Peter Morton
Bailey Trzcinski, Florida State University pdfTi-Group Elements in Siliceous Sinters as Martian Analogs Munir Humayun
Christopher Mann, Lawton Chiles High school pdfPiezoelectric Actuation in Rotational Movement David Graf
Haley Reid, Florida State University pdfCIRL Summer Internship: K-12 Outreach Carlos Villa
Alexander Pollack, Florida State University pdfLaboratory Investigation of Cosmic Carbon Paul Dunk
Brandon McGill, Florida State University pdfReaction Kinetics In Solid Lithium Polymer Electrolytes Daniel Hallinan
Kevin Jiang, Lawton Chiles High School pdfElectroless Ni-P Plating REBCO Jun Lu
Dylan McClure, University of Florida pdfHTML5 + JavaScript Eric Clark
Charis Cochran, Trevecca Nazarene University pdfGrowth Of Single Crystal Ruby Theo Siegrist
Shannon Gooden, Florida State University pdfExamining Elementary Teachers’ Participation in a Research Experience for Teachers Program Jose Sanchez
Shelby Green, Florida State University pdfComparing Methods for Analysis of Dissolved Trace Metals in Seawater Peter Morton
Matt Barattini, Tallahassee Community College pdfCurrent Distribution of REBCO Multi-Tape Joint Tom Painter