22 August 2016

MagLab SciGirls Camp expands to coding

Middle and high school girls at the SciGirls Coding Camp Middle and high school girls at the SciGirls Coding Camp

In July 2016, eight middle and high school girls attended the SciGirls Coding Camp, which introduced them to single-board computers called Raspberry Pi.

A SciGirls Summer Camp alumna who plans to major in computer science this fall in college assisted the instructor throughout the week.

Why is this important?

Women are underrepresented in computer science and computing fields. At present, women represent only 26% of computer field professionals.

Programs that introduce girls to computing at an early age have been shown to improve their identification with these fields and improve their persistence in computer-related future careers. If more women do not enter computer-related fields, then they will have reduced opportunities to enter high-paying careers and the U.S. economy will be prevented from benefiting from the creative ideas generated by a diverse computer workforce.

Why did they need the MagLab?

The Creators Camp has offered this program for some time, but has experienced very low participation from girls. By inviting the Creators Camp facilitators to the MagLab and advertising to our SciGirls alumnae, we were able to increase the number of girls exposed to computing. Without the MagLab partnership with Creators Camp, this program would not have occurred and reached a female population.


This research was funded by the following grants: G.S. Boebinger (NSF DMR-1157490)

For more information, contact Roxanne Hughes.

Last modified on 15 December 2016