16 September 2015

SciGirls celebrates 10 summers!

The highlight describes 10 years of the Scigirls summer camp and its impact on participants.

What did researchers discover?

SciGirls Tallahassee began in the summer of 2006 through a small grant to WFSU, the local public television station. Since that first summer, more than 200 girls have participated in this program: a two-week summer camp for middle school girls in 6th through 9th grade. The Magnet Lab began providing financial support for the camp beginning in 2010 and now hosts the camp each year. The Magnet Lab works closely with WFSU to make sure that this camp introduces girls to a variety of STEM careers and role models, many of whom work at the lab. 2015 was our 10th summer.

The Magnet Lab Public Affairs department wrote a story on two of the young women who participated in the camp in 2007. Both are planning on being engineers: one will begin her graduate program at Georgia Tech and the other is completing her undergraduate degree at University of Florida.

This year we had a special program wherein four 5-year-olds who are daughters of MagLab staff were made "Honorary SciGirls For a Day." Each SciGirl partnered with one of the "mini-SciGirls" to help them through the activities. This allowed the 10th anniversary SciGirls to not only talk with women who could mentor them but also to learn to be a mentor for a future SciGirl! Followup research finds that SciGirls is successful in improving the participants' perceptions of STEM professionals and STEM careers.

Who did the research?

The Center for Integrating Research and Learning.


This research was funded by G.S. Boebinger (NSF DMR-1157490)

For more information, contact Roxanne Hughes.

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