16 June 2016

MagLab at USA Science and Engineering Expo

MagLab educator Carlos Villa uses a copper tube and a magnet to explain Lenz’s Law. MagLab educator Carlos Villa uses a copper tube and a magnet to explain Lenz’s Law.

MagLab educators taught lessons in electricity and magnetism at the 4th USA Science and Engineering Festival.

First, some background

The 4th USA Science and Engineering Festival was held April 14-17, 2016, in Washington, DC. The MagLab was represented by five employees from our Center for Integrating Research and Learning and our Public Affairs teams. The MagLab booth featured a Lenz’s Law exhibit (a magnet traveling through a copper pipe) and a Lorentz forces exhibit (an electromagnetic launcher).

The event had a record-setting attendance with estimated numbers from the Convention Center reaching approximately 365,000 people over the four days! Sneak Peek Friday alone included more than 60,000 students, teachers, military families, government officials and press. Saturday and Sunday brought in roughly 150,000 people each day. On Twitter, (#SciFest) had over 125 million impressions during the week of the festival, and the event’s Facebook page reach 93,000 fans.

Why is this important?

MagLab representation at this event allows thousands more members of the public to learn about the MagLab. This broadens the impact of the MagLab’s research.

Why did they need the MagLab?

The MagLab representatives were able to discuss the lab with attendees and explain how MagLab science is improving research in materials, energy and life.


This research was funded by the following grants: G.S. Boebinger (NSF DMR-1157490)

For more information, contact Roxanne Hughes.

Last modified on 15 December 2016