CIRL Science Highlights

These highlights showcase the best research underway at the Center for Integrating Research and Learning.

21 June 2022

MagLab Educator wins Tallahassee Scientific Society Gold Medal Award

MagLab K-12 educator Carlos R. Villa is awarded Gold Medal from Tallahassee Scientific Society. 

16 May 2022

Magnetic Momentum Scholars Program: Diversifying Innovation in STEM

This new MagLab program pairs Florida A&M University undergraduate students with MagLab STEM mentors for a rotational internship experience that expands participant's knowledge of physics, materials research, chemistry, biology, and engineering career paths at the MagLab and beyond.

22 September 2021

Engaging Underrepresented Youth through Camp TESLA

Incorporating Camp TESLA curriculum into a College Reach-Out Program (CROP) helped expose diverse students to hands-on MagLab STEM activities. 

4 September 2020

K-12 Camp COVID-19 Alternative: Summer Exploration Series

When COVID-19 eliminated the option for in-person camp experiences, the MagLab pivoted to offer a free virtual Summer Exploration Series instead.

23 April 2020

Middle schoolers benefit from long term research experiences

Evaluation of the middle school mentorship program shows that students who participated in this 12 week program have increased confidence and interest in STEM.

20 September 2019

Outreach for English Language Learners

To broaden participation in STEM, onsite outreach at the MagLab is now offered in Swahili in addition to Spanish, German and French.

4 January 2019

MagLab educators take their lessons to New Mexico

Area teachers learn how to explain magnet research conducted nearby to their students.

21 August 2018

2018 Research Experiences for Teachers Program

Ten Florida teachers worked side by side with MagLab researchers during the summer of 2018.

20 December 2017

2017 Classroom Visits and Field Trips

The MagLab reached over 10,000 K-12 students in 2017, providing high-quality science outreach to our local community.

25 October 2017

MagLab scientists mentor students in outreach

The MagLab is training the next generation of science mentors.

30 May 2017

MagLab diversity director setting national research agenda

Two MagLab personnel worked with Florida State University and Tallahassee Community College students during the 2017 spring semester as part of the FSU Noyce Program.

22 August 2016

MagLab SciGirls Camp expands to coding

In July 2016, eight middle and high school girls attended the SciGirls Coding Camp, which introduced them to single-board computers called Raspberry Pi.

16 June 2016

MagLab at USA Science and Engineering Expo

MagLab educators taught lessons in electricity and magnetism at the 4th USA Science and Engineering Festival.

11 December 2015

CIRL director helping set research agenda for women in STEM

The director of the lab's Center for Integrating Research and Learning is among a group of experts creating the future research agenda on women’s underrepresentation in engineering and computing.

16 September 2015

SciGirls celebrates 10 summers!

The highlight describes 10 years of the Scigirls summer camp and its impact on participants.

16 June 2015

An Investigation in to the Longitudinal Identity Trajectories of Women in STEM

The author examined the longitudinal trajectories of eleven college age young women who had participated in a STEM informal education program during middle school. This study provides a unique addition to the literature in that it provides a view of STEM identity trajectories over time, specifically focusing on how these women maintained interest or lost interest in STEM after participation in a STEM informal education program for girls.

15 January 2015

MagLab Middle School Mentorship

The MagLab facilitates a semester-long Middle School Mentorship Program that brings middle school students to work with MagLab scientists on a research project. This program is directed by CIRL’s Outreach Coordinator, Carlos Villa.

17 November 2014

Magnet Lab Spooky Science Event

The MagLab holds a Halloween themed event each year in October. This year the event was held Oct. 28. The Spooky Science event brings families to the lab for tours, hands-on activities, and a variety of other events planned by Public Affairs, the Center for Integrating Research and Learning, and scientists at the lab.

14 August 2014

SciGirls Summer Camp Introduces Middle School Girls to STEM Role Models

SciGirls Summer Camp is the result of a partnership between the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory and our local public television station, WFSU. This camp gives middle school girls the opportunity to work with STEM professionals on hands-on projects. Thirty six middle school students participated in this year's camp, which was held from July 14-25. The girls participated in a number of activities planned by MagLab scientists.

16 July 2014

MagLab Summer Camps Feature Robotic World Cup Soccer

The National High Magnetic Field Laboratory hosts two one-week co-educational summer camps in June. This year the campers got into the spirit of World Cup Soccer. The MagLab camp teachers facilitated campers' understanding and practical applications of computer programming and robotics through the robots. The final event was a Robot World Cup Match.