The Center for Integrating Research & Learning's partnerships with these groups make us more effective in our common goal of improving science education in our schools and communities.


BLAST is a North Florida and South Georgia organization aimed at promoting science instruction. For the past 15 years, a CIRL staff member has served on BLAST's board or held the position of president, vice president or secretary. BLAST members are often presenters at the Magnet Lab Open House and work as partners with the Magnet Lab to promote STEM education to the community.

Center for the Advancement of Informal Science Education

The Center for the Advancement of Informal Science Education (CAISE) works in collaboration with the National Science Foundation (NSF) Advancing Informal STEM Learning (AISL) Program to strengthen and advance the field of professional informal science education and its infrastructure by providing resources for practitioners, researchers, evaluators and STEM-based professionals. CAISE also facilitates conversation, connection and collaboration across the ISE field — including in media (TV, radio, and film), science centers and museums, zoos and aquariums, botanical gardens and nature centers, cyberlearning and gaming, and youth, community, and out of school time programs. The Center for Integrating Research & Learning (CIRL) has worked with CAISE to provide advice for reaching Principal Investigators and improving the evaluation of broader impacts.


CPALMS (Collaborate, Plan, Align, Learn, Motivate, and Share) is part of the Florida Center for Research in STEM and is the state of Florida's platform for educators to Collaborate, Plan, Align, Learn, Motivate, and Share through online lesson plans and activities. The Center for Integrating Research & Learning (CIRL) has partnered with CPALMS to facilitate scientist interviews as part of their video accessories for lessons. Carlos Villa also works closely with CPALMS to discuss the role of informal STEM outreach.

Community Classroom Consortium

The Community Classroom Consortium (CCC) is a coalition of more than thirty cultural, scientific, natural history, and civic organizations in north Florida and south Georgia that provide educational experiences and resources to the public, especially K-12 teachers and students. Representatives from CIRL and Public Affairs represent the Lab on the board of this organization and as general members.(Magnet Lab Contact: Roxanne Hughes, Educational Programs or Kristen Coyne, Public Affairs)

Florida Afterschool Network

The Florida Afterschool Network (FAN) is an organization that is working toward creating and sustaining a statewide infrastructure to establish collaborative public and private partnerships that connect local, state, and national resources supporting afterschool programs that are school-based or school-linked; develop quality afterschool standards that are endorsed and promoted by statewide stakeholders and through Florida Afterschool Network; and promote public awareness and advocate for policy that expands funding, quality improvement initiatives, and accessibility of afterschool programs. The Center for Integrating Research & Learning is a member of the advisory council for this organization.

Florida State University, College of Education

The Center for Integrating Research & Learning works closely with faculty from the FSU College of Education to network and strengthen programs on campus and at the lab. Currently, we utilize the expertise of FSU faculty for research projects. We also recruit graduate students from FSU departments to conduct research on CIRL programs.

Future Physicists of Florida

Future Physicists of Florida is an organization dedicated to recognizing talented middle school math and science students and providing educational guidance to these students to prepare them for careers in physics and engineering. CIRL is a partner in the organization.

Leon County Schools

The Center for Integrating Research and Learning works closely with Leon County Schools by developing teacher professional development. CIRL also conducts outreach in LCS schools and invites students to participate in our internships, mentorship program, and summer camps.

Panhandle Area Educational Consortium

The Panhandle Area Educational Consortium (PAEC) serves 13 school districts in the panhandle of Florida. PAEC provides leadership and support services to these districts, increases networking among members, and maximizes resources. Over the years, CIRL has provided teacher workshops and high school summer information sessions to students and teachers from these districts with PAEC's facilitation.


The Center for Integrating Research & Learning partners with WFSU-TV, the area's public television station, to administer SciGirls. The program is a 2-week camp for middle and high school girls with an interest in science. The collaboration between the Magnet Lab and WFSU-TV has resulted in a successful 6-year camp that has engaged the larger community.

Last modified on 22 September 2014