CIRL External Advisory Committee

The Center for Integrating Research and Learning seeks external advice annually. Our external advisory committee includes experts in the various programs we conduct.


Members of our advisory committee read and provide critical feedback on our annual reports and program evaluations ensuring that we maintain quality programs.

The Members include:

- Chantel Balesdent, Boston Museum of Scinece

- James Bell, Center for the Advancement of Informal Science Education

- Lynn Dierking, Sea Grant Professor in Free-Choice STEM Learning Oregon State University

- Lora Hine, CHESS Director of Outreach

- Mary Jo Koroly, Director of UF Center for Precollegiate Education and Training (CPET)

- Dale McCreedy, Vice President of Audience & Community Engagement

- Christine Morrow, University of Colorado Boulder, MRSEC Education Director

- Daniel Steinberg, Princeton University MRSEC Education Director

-Janelle Vigil-Maestas, LANL Community Programs Office Eduation Director

Last modified on 28 June 2019