For Teens

  • Science Show & Tell

    Scientist Hans van Tol

    Thinking of a career in science? Get inspired by these MagLab staffers.

  • Demystified Science

    Cooper pairs

    We explain some of the very cool science and technology related to magnets in a way that won't scare away non-scientists.

  • Blasts from the Past

    Faraday Disc

    Whether you need homework help or are just curious, learn about people and inventions marking the long history of electricity & magnetism.

  • Interactive Learning

    DC motor

    These tutorials let you see and manipulate electricity and magnetism in ways that are impossible in real life.


What is...


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    Come peek inside one of these amazing machines — and learn how they help doctors peek inside their patients.   Read more

    Samuel Taylor Coleridge lends a hand as we explore cryogenics — the art and science of how to get things fantastically frigid.    Read more

    Not only do mass spectrometers accurately weigh molecules — they do it while those tiny particles are careening by faster than Jeff Gordon on steroids.    Read more
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