Our Educational Impact

In 2014 alone, the MagLab reached thousands of students and teachers through camps, research programs, classroom lessons, tours and other outreach tools.

Graphs on the lab's educational outreach

Mentoring Moment

In the latest story in our series on mentoring, read how the late Jim Brooks was a model mentor to all he knew.

Jim Brooks at the 2014 MagLab Open House.

Research on Research

To improve how students are prepared for STEM fields, lab researchers study the effectiveness of programs such as Research Experiences for Teachers (RET).

RET participant Steve Crandall in the lab.

Magnet Academy

Need to brush up on electricity and magnetism? Visit our Magnet Academy section, featuring resources for all ages and learning styles.

illustration of the right and left hand rules.

Resources for Grad Students & Postdocs

We support the professional and career development of early-career scientists during their time at the lab.

MagLab graduate students.

The MagLab has a strong commitment to education. Through the Center for Integrating Research & Learning (CIRL), the lab provides educational programming at all academic levels: K-12, technical, undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral.

Educational Programs

A SciGirls camper during a forensic anthropology session.



Supervised by scientists, exceptional high-schoolers conduct their own in-depth research at the MagLab.


A 10-week experience for middle-schoolers living in Leon County, Tallahassee.

Summer Camps

Each year we host a variety of camp programs that engage students in STEM fields.



Teachers at an RET poster session in 2014.


Educational Outreach

Teachers can plan a field trip to the lab or have a MagLab educator visit their class.

Research Experiences

A six-week summer program that gives teachers the chance to do real-world research.

MagLab Educators Club

If you are looking for ways to broaden your physical science lesson plans, then the MagLab Educators Club is for you.



An REU participant in the lab.


Research Experiences

An eight-week summerprogram that gives college undergrads the chance to do real-world research.

Grad & Postdoc

Resources, opportunities and workshops for young scientists and scientists-in-training.



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  • How to make a mentor
    How to make a mentor

    Jim Brooks was a mentor to practically everyone he met. His life was a primer for educators everywhere on how to groom better scientists — and better people.

    15 April 2015

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