Kaya Wei

Research Faculty I

Condensed Matter Science, DC Field CMS


Contact Information

Email kwei@magnet.fsu.edu
Phone (850) 644-6370
Fax (850) 644-5038
Address 1800 E. Paul Dirac Dr.
Tallahassee , FL 32310-3706
Building NHMFL FSU

Publications and Scientific Activities


    1. Superconductivity in a uranium containing high entropy alloy Nelson, W.L.; Chemey, A.T.; Hertz, M.; Choi, E.; Graf, D.E.; Latturner, S.; Albrecht-Schmitt, T.E.; Wei, K.; Baumbach, R. Nature Scientific Reports, 10, 1, 4717 (2020)
    2. Structural Disorder in Intermetallic Boride Pr21M16Te6B30 (M = Mn, Fe): A Transition Metal Cluster and Its Evil Twin Engstrand, T.; Wei, K.; Baumbach, R.; Xin, Y.; Latturner, S. Inorganic Chemistry, 59, 2484-2494 (2020)
    3. Tuning the structural and antiferromagnetic phase transitions in UCr2Si2: Hydrostatic pressure and chemical substitution Lai, Y.; Wei, K.; Chappell, G.L.; Diaz, J.; Siegrist, T.M.; Moll, P.J.W.; Graf, D.E.; Baumbach, R. Physical Review Materials, 4, 075003 (2020)
    4. Bulk Fermi surfaces of the Dirac type-II semimetallic candidate NiTe2 Zheng, W.; Schoenemann, R.U.; Mozaffari, S.; Chiu, Y.C.; Goraum, Z.B.; Aryal, N.; Manousakis, E.; Siegrist, T.M.; Wei, K.; Balicas, L. Physical Review B, 102, 125103 (2020)
    5. Superstructures and Superconductivity Linked with Pd Intercalation in Nb2PdxSe5 Neu, J.N.; Graf, D.E.; Wei, K.; Gaiser, A.; Xin, Y.; Lai, Y.; Albrecht-Schmitt, T.E.; Baumbach, R.; Singh, D.J.; Siegrist, T.M. Chemistry of Materials, null (2020)


    1. Fermi surface of the flat-band intermetallics APd3 (A=Pb,Sn) Wei, K.; Chen, K.; Neu, J.N.; Lai, Y.; Chappell, G.L.; Nolas, G.S.; Graf, D.E.; Xin, Y.; Balicas, L.; Baumbach, R.; Siegrist, T.M. Physical Review Materials, 3, 041201(R) (2019)
    2. Enhanced thermoelectric performance of heavy-fermion compounds YbTM2Zn20 (TM = Co, Rh, Ir) at low temperatures Wei, K.; Neu, J.N.; Lai, Y.; Chen, K.; Hobbis, D.; Nolas, G.S.; Graf, D.E.; Siegrist, T.M.; Baumbach, R. Science Advances, 5, 5, eaaw6183 (2019)
    3. Enhanced Néel temperature in EuSnP under pressure Gui, X.; Finkelstein, G.J.; Graf, D.E.; Wei, K.; Zhang, D.Z.; Baumbach, R.; Dera, P.; Xie, W.W. Dalton Transactions in Chemistry, 48, 16, 5327-5334 (2019)
    4. Orthorhombic to monoclinic phase transition in NbNiTe2 Neu, J.N.; Wei, K.; He, X.; Delaire, O.; Baumbach, R.; Feng, Z.; Fu, Y.; Zhang, Y.; Singh, D.J.; Siegrist, T.M. Physical Review B, 100, 144102 (2019)
    5. Mini volume collapse as evidence for a three-body magnetic polaron in Sm1-xEuxS Schaller, D.; LaBarre, P.G.; Besara, T.; Henderson, A.M.; Wei, K.; Bucher, E.; Siegrist, T.M.; Ramirez, A.P. Physical Review Materials, 3, 10, 104602 (2019)
    6. High Magnetic Field X-ray Diffraction at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory (NHMFL) Rebar, D.; Kovalev, A.E.; Mann, D.; Shatruk, M.; Mudryk, Y.; Pecharsky, V.K.; Wei, K.; Smith, J.H.; Suslov, A. and Siegrist, T. APS March Meeting 2019 Boston, Massachusetts, United States March 4–8 (2019)


    1. X-ray Diffraction in the 25 T Florida Split Coil Magnet at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory (NHMFL) Rebar, D.; Wei, K.; Cochran, J.; Smith, J.; Kovalev, A.; Suslov, A. and Siegrist, T. APS March Meeting Los Angeles, California, United States March 5 - 9 (2018)
    2. X-ray Diffraction in the 25 T Florida Split Coil Magnet at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory Rebar, D.J.; Wei, K.; Smith, J.H.; Kovalev, A.; Suslov, A.; Cochran, J.; Mann, D.; Shatruk, M. and Siegrist, T. 67th annual Denver X-ray Conference Westminster, Colorado, United States 6 – 10 August (2018)