Diversity Funding

All applications are due by the 1st of the month in order to be considered. Applications are reviewed on a monthly basis, so even if an application is submitted before the 1st, it will not be reviewed until the deadline. Notifications of funding acceptances will be sent by the 15th of each month. Please indicate how your application fits within the MagLab's Diversity Mission.

Recruitment Travel Funding

MagLab staff and scientists can apply for a recruitment travel grant once per calendar year. If you will be conducting STEM Diversity Recruitment travel, please complete this form. Examples could include: attending a minority serving STEM conference, speaking at a minority serving institution, speaking to a minority serving organization. Please keep your request under $2000. This funding is meant to supplement other travel funds. Funding is limited.

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Professional Development Travel Funding

MagLab staff and scientists can apply for a professional travel grant once per calendar year. The total travel amount for awardees is up to $2000. Awardees will be chosen based on a set process/application. Please explain how this travel will support your individual goals, the mission of the lab, and the diversity mission of the lab.

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Bridge Funding

This funding will be used to support students or postdocs for a limited time if the individual's current funding source has expired. This application must be submitted by the faculty member who will be supervising the student or postdoc. Graduate students and undergraduate students can be funded for up to one semester annually. Postdocs can be funded for up to 3 months annually.  These applications will be reviewed by the Retention Subcommittee and are limited to the availability of funds.

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For more information please contact Roxanne Hughes.

Students can also find other sources of funding at the following websites:




Last modified on 5 June 2018