Diversity and Inclusion Committees

Diversity and Inclusion Committee

The Diversity and Inclusion Committee is chaired by Ernesto Bosque.  The committee is charged with coordinating and implementing recommendations from the Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Committee.

  • Erick Arroyo, Technician, MS&T
  • Ryan Baumbach, Research Faculty I, NHMFL-Condensed Matter Science
  • Gregory Boebinger, Director of the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory 
  • Ernesto Bosque, Research Faculty I, NHMFL- Applied Superconductivity Center (chair)
  • Alfie Brown, NHMFL Safety
  • Whitney Brown, Administrative Specialist
  • Huan Chen, Visiting Research Faculty I, ICR
  • Malathy Elumalai, NHMFL-UF
  • David Graf, Research Faculty I, NHMFL-DC Field
  • Elizabeth Green, Research Faculty I, MagLab Condensed Matter Science
  • Laura Greene, Chief Scientist, NHMFL
  • Jason Kitchen, Engineer, NHMFL-NMR, CIMAR
  • You Lai, Postdoc, LANL
  • Walter Lee, Budget Analyst
  • Amy McKenna, Research Faculty II, NHMFL-Ion Cyclotron Resonance
  • Jennifer Neu, FSU-NHMFL graduate student
  • Martha L. Chacon Patino, ICR
  • Kirk Post,NHMFL-Pulsed Field Facility, LANL
  • Bettina Roberson, Human Resources Manager, NHMFL-Director's Office
  • Kari Roberts, CIRL Postdoc Liaison and Evaluation Coordinator
  • Kristin Roberts, Director of Public Affairs, NHMFL-Director's Office
  • John Singleton, NHMFL-Pulsed Field Facility, LANL
  • Komalavalli Thirunavukkuarasu, FAMU Physics
  • Anke Toth, Users Program Chief of Staff, NHMFL-Director's Office
  • Hans van Tol, Research Faculty III, Condensed Matter Physics/EMR
  • Kaya Wei, Postdoc, NHMFL-CMS
  • Yan Xin, Research Faculty II, NHMFL-MS&T

Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Committee

The Diversity Advisory Committee is chaired by Greg Boebinger, MagLab Director. This committee advises laboratory leadership on opportunities to promote diversity in hiring and outreach programs.

  • CHAIR: Ernesto Bosque, Diversity Chair of the MagLab
  • C.J. Bacino, Los Alamos National Laboratory Diversity Director
  • Susan Blessing, Physics Professor, FSU, Women in Math, Science, and Engineering Living and Learning (WIMSE) Director, Member of American Physical Society Committee on the Status of Women
  • Alberto Camargo, Argonne National Laboratory Diversity Program Manager
  • Charmane Caldwell, Director of Student Success for Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University-Florida State University College of Engineering 
  • Simon Capstick, professor, Department of Physics, FSU
  • Donna Dean, Executive Consultant, Association for Women in Science
  • Michelle Douglas, Director for Equal Opportunity and Compliance, FSU Human Resources 
  • Ted Hodapp, American Physical Society Director of Education and Diversity
  • Keisha John, Director of Diversity Programs, Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs, University of Virginia
  • Karen Molek, Chemistry Associate Professor, University of West Florida
  • Bob Parks, Director of University of Florida Training and Organizational Development
  • Adrienne Stephenson, FSU Graduate School
  • Ngozi Ugochukwu, professor and chairperson, Dept. of Chemistry, FAMU

For more information please contact Ernesto Bosque.

Last modified on 10 March 2020