Staff install helium recover lines
Scientist Bianca Trociewtiz at MagLab Open House.
Scientists Scott Crooker and Chuck Mielke at the Pulsed Field Facility.
Graduate research assistant Shermane Benjamin at Open House.
AMRIS Director Joanna Long.
Scientist Yan Xin using the Transmission Electron Microscope.
Charts about MagLab staff

The MagLab employs a diverse workforce that includes scientists, machinists, engineers, administrators, writers and even artists. The lab is an exciting and international place to work and study, where on any given day you can hear English, Chinese, Russian or French, to name just a few, spoken in our halls. Some 715 people work at lab: About 620 at the lab’s headquarters in Tallahassee near the campus of Florida State University; about 50 people at the lab's two facilities at the University of Florida; and another 50 at the lab's Pulsed Field Facility at Los Alamos National Lab in New Mexico. Find Staff



Innovation and creativity grow in environments where people bring different ideas and perspectives. Developing a diverse work force and attracting diverse users are critical to meeting the needs of the MagLab’s interdisciplinary scientific community. That’s why we work to build permanent diversity in our scientific staff, recruit students from underrepresented groups and encourage women and minorities to pursue careers in scientific research.

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Job Opportunities


At the MagLab, we are always interested in attracting the best and brightest candidates to work across our three sites. Whether you are looking for a faculty, staff, student or postdoc position, the MagLab provides a dynamic work environment where innovative science can happen. We offer competitive benefits, family-friendly policies, professional development and the opportunity for you to be part of the world’s largest and highest-powered magnet laboratory.

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United Nations of Science


Our diverse, international workforce speaks everything from Amharic to Urdu. Listen to scientists and other staff members from around the globe welcome you to the MagLab in their native tongues.


Map showing countries of origin of MagLab staff


Nearly half of all MagLab employees come from other countries. In fact, some 50 countries are represented by our culturally diverse staff. See our pdfdetailed map for more details.

Last modified on 5 June 2018