Scott Hannahs

Director for Scientific Instrumentation and Operations

Since 1993, Scott Hannahs has played an instrumental role in developing the DC Field user program at the National MagLab. Prior to that he spent four years at the Francis Bitter National Magnet Lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Since receiving his Ph.D. at UCLA in ultra-low temperature superfluid acoustics, Hannahs has conducted research in most high magnetic field research areas, including organic superconductivity, high-temperature superconductivity, 2D electron gas systems, heavy fermions, correlated electron systems and geometrically frustrated spin systems.

Hannahs' expertise in cryogenics and instrumentation development at the MagLab has led to several collaborations with industry and an R&D 100 award. He has developed ultra-sensitive instrumentation for measurements at extremes of pressure, temperature and magnetic fields. A Florida State University Distinguished University Scholar, Hannahs is also a fellow of the American Physical Society, has published over 100 peer-reviewed papers and has served on several national and international facilities review committees.

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Photo credit: Stephen Bilenky

Last modified on 5 July 2018