Lab Leadership

The lab's leadership team works collaboratively to support and advance the scientific mission of the National MagLab.

Lab Leadership Team

Gregory Boebinger, MagLab Director

Gregory Boebinger
MagLab Director

Eric Palm, Deputy Lab Director

Eric Palm
Deputy Lab Director

Laura Greene, Chief Scientist

Laura Greene
Chief Scientist

Associate Lab Directors

Mark Bird, Magnet Science & Technology Division

Mark Bird
Associate Lab Director

Magnet Science & Technology Division

Scott Hannahs, Scientific Instrumentation & Operations Division

Scott Hannahs
Associate Lab Director

Scientific Instrumentation & Operations Division

Lance Cooley, Applied Superconductivity Center Director

Lance Cooley
Associate Lab Director

Applied Superconductivity Center

Joanna Long, MagLab/University of Florida Branch

Joanna Long
Associate Lab Director

University of Florida Branch

Chief Scientists

Lucio Frydman, Chief Scientist for Chemistry/Biology

Lucio Frydman
Chief Scientist for Chemistry/Biology

David Larbalestier, Chief Materials Scientist

David Larbalestier
Chief Materials Scientist

Alan Marshall, Chief Scientist for Ion Cyclotron Resonance

Alan Marshall
Chief Scientist for Ion Cyclotron Resonance

MagLab Facility Directors

Robert Schurko, NMR Facility Director

Robert Schurko
NMR Facility

Chris Hendrickson, ICR Facility Director

Chris Hendrickson
ICR Facility

Stephen Hill, EMR Facility Director

Stephen Hill
EMR Facility

Joanna Long, Advanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Spectroscopy Facility Director

Joanna Long
Advanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Spectroscopy Facility

Tim Murphy, DC Field Facility Director

Tim Murphy
DC Field Facility

Ross McDonald, Pulsed Field Facility Director

Ross McDonald
Pulsed Field Facility

Mark W. Meisel, High B/T Facility Director

Mark W. Meisel
High B/T Facility

Last modified on 7 July 2022