The National MagLab is funded by the National Science Foundation (DMR-1644779) and the State of Florida making all taxpayers stakeholders in our science. In return for your generous investment, we are positively impacting the nation’s economy and making critical discoveries that will lead to the technologies of tomorrow.

The National MagLab also leverages this core support with affiliated individual investigator awards provided by other federal agencies and non-federal sources including the National Institutes of Health, Department of Energy, Department of Defense and others.


2018 MagLab Funding Chart


This budget does not reflect the individual funding a user may have from federal agencies, science foundations, universities, or ministries across the country or around the globe.

How to acknowledge our funding

Publications, presentations, or other activities or products resulting from use of MagLab facilities should include one of the following two acknowledgements:

A portion of this work was performed at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, which is supported by the National Science Foundation Cooperative Agreement No. DMR-1644779 and the State of Florida.


The National High Magnetic Field Laboratory is supported by the National Science Foundation through NSF/DMR-1644779 and the State of Florida.

NSF support must also be orally acknowledged during all news media interviews, including popular media such as radio, television and news magazines.

Last modified on 26 February 2021