The MagLab has a deep impact on science and technology through the many publications resulting from experiments conducted here. In addition, the lab also has a big impact on STEM education, the area economy and the communities in which we're located. Find out more through the below links.

The MagLab is home to a cadre of world-class scientists and engineers who conduct high-level research recognized nationally and internationally.

We don't just have big magnets at the MagLab — we also have big hearts. In addition to offering many educational opportunities through formal educational outreach programs, the MagLab participates in Tallahassee's community life through the these activities.

MagLab researchers and staff develop partnerships and collaborations with private sector industries, federal agencies, institutions and international organizations. These partnerships advance magnet-related technologies and help bring new technologies closer to the marketplace.

Through its educational outreach arm, Center for Integrating Research & Learning, the lab makes significant contributions to science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education through quality programming, web content, and research.

There is no better measure of the MagLab's impact than the thousands of articles, books, presentations, patents and other products that result from the research conducted here. Find out more by searching this publications database.

Research Reports, published through 2018, are brief abstracts of experiments conducted at the MagLab.

Always pushing the scientific envelope, the Magnet Lab holds numerous records for high magnetic fields and other key measures of the power and utility of the instruments at our facility.