Virtual Tour

Welcome to the MagLab's online tour. As we show you around the Florida State University branch of the world's biggest magnet lab, our scientists and engineers will explain how our world-record magnets work, how we make them, what kind of experiments go inside, and why it all matters.

We suggest you start with the first video (the introduction) and finish with the last; the tour is designed to flow in that direction. But feel free to jump around if you prefer.

Able to visit us in person? Please go to our Public Tours page.

  • Introduction

    A brief overview of the lab.
    Tour guide: MagLab Director Greg Boebinger

    Length: 3:47

  • Cryogenics Lab

    Learn what cryogens are and why the lab couldn't function without them.
    Tour guide: Steven Van Sciver

    Length: 1:58

  • Support Teams

    Visiting scientists rely on the expertise of our electricians, machinists, technicians, engineers and other specialists.
    Tour guide: Andy Powell

    Length: 2:19

  • Millikelvin Facility

    Scientists freeze atoms into submission as they search for the fundamentals of matter.
    Tour guide: Tim Murphy

    Length: 3:24

  • Resistive Magnet Shop

    We don't just use magnets; we also design and build some of the strongest magnets in the world.
    Tour guide: Mark Bird

    Length: 2:52

  • Control Room

    The nerve center of the MagLab.
    Tour guide: Bryon Dalton

    Length: 3:46

  • Magnet Cell

    Where the hard work of science gets done.
    Tour guide: Scott Hannahs

    Length: 3:26

  • The 45-Tesla Magnet

    The world's strongest magnet is a top draw.
    Tour guide: Eric Palm

    Length: 2:07

  • The 900 MHz NMR Magnet

    The world's strongest MRI machine gives scientists stunning images of animal models, proteins and more.
    Tour guide: Tim Cross

    Length: 9:12

  • Ion Cyclotron Resonance Program

    ICR slices and dices molecules to reveal exactly what's in them.
    Tour guide: Alan Marshall

    Length: 3:15

Last modified on 18 September 2014