2 November 2015

Scientists report what they learned at the MagLab

User Luisa Chiesa of Tufts University with her research team. User Luisa Chiesa of Tufts University with her research team. Larry Gordon

This week at the lab, scientists who have done research here this year are beginning to submit reports on their experiments.

Scientists from across the globe use our magnets for free, as long as they share the results of their work.

"Our goal is to contribute to what is known about physics, the life sciences, chemistry and magnet science and technology," said Users Chief of Staff Anke Toth. "After scientists acquire and process this new knowledge, our job becomes spreading it to the scientific community worldwide."

So in November and December of every year, the MagLab collects reports on what scientists working here have learned using our unique magnets. After compiling the information, we publish some of it in our Annual Report and make all of it accessible from the Research Reports page of our website. Anyone can view or download the reports, and most are searchable by category, first author, principal investigator, title and other fields. Last year, the MagLab received and disseminated 452 research reports.

In addition to existing in our report database, these results are also often published in greater depth in scientific journals. Information on these publications can be found through our Publication Search.

Did you do research at the MagLab in 2015?   

Photo by Larry Gordon / Text by Kristen Coyne

Last modified on 2 November 2015