29 August 2016

MagLab renewal plan takes center stage

MagLab renewal plan takes center stage Caroline McNiel

This week at the lab, our renewal proposal takes center stage in a sort of science version of the TV show "America's Got Talent."

It's all part of the peer-review process for the lab's upcoming five-year renewal grant, which will continue to provide financial support for high magnetic field research from 2018 through 2022.

But instead of singing or stand-up comedy, our scientists will be performing PowerPoint Presentations and tours focused on world-record instruments, unique measurement techniques, research output and plans for the future of the National MagLab.

A panel of 17 scientific experts from around the world will play the roles of Simon Cowell and Heidi Klum, providing support and feedback during the multi-day site visit meeting hosted by the National Science Foundation – the primary funding source for the lab.

After site visit, the renewal proposal will continue to receive more reviews in the next rounds with a finale episode scheduled for sometime in mid-2017.

Text by Kristin Roberts. Image by Caroline McNiel.

Last modified on 31 August 2016