14 March 2016

MagLab physicists decamp to March Meeting

The MagLab booth at the  2016 March Meeting of the American Physical Society. The MagLab booth at the 2016 March Meeting of the American Physical Society. Renee Luallen

This week at the lab, good luck finding a physicist.

Sure, we have dozens on staff, from undergrads to research faculty. But this week, you probably have a better chance finding one among the 10,000 other physicists flocking to the annual American Physical Society meeting in Baltimore.

MagLab scientists are presenting or attending some of the 8,800 talks and posters scheduled for 2016 (across 60 meeting rooms), catching up on the latest research and connecting with actual and potential collaborators. In addition, several MagLab facility leaders are staffing an information booth that showcases the lab's instruments and measurement techniques.

"This is a way that we get out information about the MagLab to folks who may not know that they can, first of all, come here as a user and also essentially come here for no cost," said DC Field Facility Director Tim Murphy.

Also, through dozens of talks and poster sessions featuring science enabled by the MagLab, potential users can see first-hand the kind of high-quality data scientists get from our instruments.

"The presentations are one of the things that sells the lab the best, without a doubt," said Murphy. "It's one thing to say you can do these measurements at this field at the lab. It's another thing for a potential user to be in a talk on a subject or material they're doing research in and see excellent data that goes to 35 or 40 or 100 teslas."

Photo by Renee Luallen, text by Kristen Coyne.

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