19 April 2016

A behind-the-scenes glimpse of science in action

MagLab "tourists" examine bitter plates in the Resistive Magnet Shop. MagLab "tourists" examine bitter plates in the Resistive Magnet Shop. Kristen Coyne

This week at the lab, the public is invited to go behind the scenes at this one-of-a-kind facility during a monthly tour.

MagLab researchers use the world's largest and most powerful magnets to answer important scientific questions. On the third Wednesday of every month, the lab opens the doors to anyone interested in seeing these record-breaking scientific instruments in action.

"Many people come to experience the fun and excitement of science during the annual Open House event," said Public Affairs Director Kristin Roberts, who generally acts as the lab's tour guide. "But Open House is not like a typical day here at the MagLab. Instead, this guided tour explains the inner workings of our unique facility and allows visitors a chance to meet the researchers who use it."

No two public tours are the exactly the same because of the MagLab's dynamic research environment that attracts scientists from around the world to conduct experiments. Come join the public tour to see who is here conducting research this week at the MagLab.

Text by Kristin Roberts, photo by Kristen Coyne.

Last modified on 19 April 2016