Meet the Magnets

We'd like to introduce you to a few of the dozens of amazing magnets that make our facility so unique and so important. If you'd like a bit of background first to help you understand what these magnets do, please read our Magnets Primer page.

Magnet Primer

Because we're the "Magnet Lab," you may think our job is to study magnets and magnetism. You’d be wrong. In fact, magnets aren’t so much the ends here as they are the means – the means to discovery.

Meet the 45 Tesla Hybrid Magnet

This magnet combines a superconducting magnet of 11.5 tesla with a resistive magnet of 33.5 tesla.

Meet the 21 Tesla ICR Magnet

Used to perform complex chemical analysis, this magnet offers researchers the world's highest field for ion cyclotron resonance (ICR) mass spectrometry.

Meet the 36-tesla Series Connected Hybrid Magnet

Explore one of the MagLab's newest world-record magnets through this interactive feature.

Meet the 900 MHz NMR Magnet

What makes this magnet particularly special is its large bore size (the space in the middle where scientists place their experiments

Meet the 100 Tesla Pulsed Magnet

This amazing magnet, located at the MagLab's Pulsed Field Facility inside the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, produces the highest non-destructive field in the world.

Meet the Split Helix Magnet

While the Magnet Lab has developed 14 previous world-record resistive magnets over the years, the new 25 tesla Split magnet is not simply the next in line. This world-unique magnet system required a complete rethinking of resistive magnet technology’s limits.