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The MagLab is funded by the National Science Foundation and the State of Florida.

Virtual Tour

Welcome to the MagLab's online tour. As we show you around the Florida State University branch of the world's biggest magnet lab. Explore the MagLab like never before with these 360 degree videos featuring spaces usually only accessible to the experts.

Able to visit us in person? Please go to our Public Tours page.

World's Strongest Magnet

Drag your video to see the 45 tesla magnet in full 360 degrees & see what only the world's leading physicists see when they conduct experiments on this magnet system.

Length: 5:21

The MagLab Plant

Click and drag to look around the plant in 360 degrees to see our chillers, cooling pumps, water treatment devices, helium and air compressors, an electrical switchgear, heat exchangers and other special equipment needed to support the world’s most powerful magnets

Length: 3:02

HiPER Magnet

Drag your screen to see this special instrument for electron magnetic resonance in 360 degrees

Length: 2:00

Millikelvin Facility

Drag your screen around to see the lab's Millikelvin Facility in 360 degrees, but know that inside these magnets, physicists perform experiments at some of the coldest temperatures on the planet… within 7 thousandths of a Kelvin above absolute zero.

Length: 2:26

41T Magnet

Drag the screen to see this amped up 41T magnet (known as "Project 11" from the movie Spinal Tap) in 360 degrees.

Length: 2:15

Series Connected Hybrid Magnet

Drag the screen around to see this 36 tesla hybrid magnet system in 360 degrees.

Length: 2:06

Helium Recycling

Drag your screen around to see 360 degrees of the MagLab’s equipment to capture, purify, and reliquefy helium.

Length: 1:10

Magnet Making at the MagLab

Drag the screen to see where the world's most powerful magnets are built in 360 degrees. Explore the nooks and crannies of the resistive magnet shop, superconducting winding area and high bay magnet space.

Length: 4:42

Machine Shop

Drag the screen to see this 5,000 square feet of manufacturing equipment in full 360 degrees – no safety glasses required if you’re watching from home.

Length: 1:27

32T All-Superconducting Magnet

Drag your screen around to see the world's strongest all-superconducting magnet in full 360 degrees

Length: 1:20

Credit: Stephen Bilenky

Last modified on 04 January 2023