The use of mechanical resonances to determine the elastic moduli of materials of interest to condensed matter physicists, engineers and materials scientists is steadily evolving. With the massive computing capability found in an ordinary personal computer, it is now possible to find all the elastic moduli of low-symmetry solids using sophisticated analysis of a set of the lowest resonances.

A torque magnetometer is one of the most sensitive magnetic property measurement devices.

Electrical transport measurements can be carried out in temperatures as low as 20 mK and magnetic fields up to 45 T by either AC or DC methods.

A portable dilution refrigerator (PDF) is available for use in the 35 T magnet (Cell 8) and in the 45 T Hybrid Magnet (Cell 15).

EPR and ESR are two names of the same technique (EPR is preferred by the chemists and biologists while ESR is a favorite of physicists) which depends on detecting transitions between the magnetic field-split spin sublevels in systems with unpaired electrons, in particular, in paramagnets.

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