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The National MagLab is funded by the National Science Foundation and the State of Florida.

Science Demos

How do Maglev trains work? What are comets made of? How do bugs walk on water? These audio slideshows demonstrate these and other concepts related to magnetism, electricity and other areas of science.

Cryo Ballons

What happens when you put balloons in liquid nitrogen? Can cryogens change the properties of the air inside of a balloon? Watch to find out.

Cryo Bananas

Could you hammer in a nail with a banana? Watch and see.

Cryo Flowers

Can you shatter a rose into a thousand pieces? Watch and find out.

DC Circuits

Watch this video to see how direct current works.

Eddy Currents in Action

What happens when different materials are released in the finge fields of the world's strongest magnet? It's a race that appears to defy gravity, but …

Ferromagnetic Football

What happens when you throw a magnetic football next to the world's strongest magnet? Touchdown!

How Atmospheric Pressure Affects Objects

Watch how changing the atmospheric pressure around objects can change their size.

Junkyard Magnet

Watch a junkyard magnet squash water jugs and melons using the power of electromagnets.

Levitation Melting

Watch this metal sphere levitate in the bore of an induction coil and learn why it happens.

Maglev Trains

This model train demonstrates magnetic levitation, the Meissner Effect and magnetic flux trapping.

Potato Launcher

An up-close view of a favorite Open House demo, carbo-loaded with information on how the pneumatic potato launcher works.

Shrinking Quarter Machine

A MagLab physicist and engineer pair up to demonstrate the lab's famous Quarter Shrinking Machine, a loud, stinky illustration of electrodynamics, cir…

Tesla Coils

What's behind these cool purple sparks? Neat science about resonance and transformers.