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Left Fields

Some of our stories come out of left field. Read this collection of unconventional stories from our high field lab. 

Heart animation

Whether with people, particles or the forces of physics, love always finds a way.

Left: In magnetic density separation, a magnet magnetizes a magnetic fluid and produces a field gradient, resulting in an effective density gradient used to separate plastics of different densities. Right: A powerful neodymium magnet sits between two different ferrofluid solutions. The solution on the right remained stable in the magnetic field. In the solution on the left, however, the iron oxide particles clumped together where the field was strongest.

Magnetic fields could lead to a cost-effective solution for recycling plastics.

cartoon about solving a murder mystery

Cocktails with the founder of modern physics, a frolic with the father of microbiology, and other ideas for quality time with bygone science celebs.

Cartoon about a person is driving a car

A lot of the research conducted in powerful magnets ends up having a powerful effect on our day-to-day lives.

cartoon about grocery items

Sometimes, science can be a bit like making a good sandwich — but one a little more complex than your average PB&J.

Science ball banner

This sports and science mash up features new geeky games inspired by the cool things scientists study in high-field magnets. 

Monty Python's Science Circus cartoon

And now for something completely different: 10 high-field physics predictions that Monty Python nailed.

cartoon of question marks

Nobody can know everything — not even the most brilliant of scientists.

Subatomic Smackdown Banner

When it comes to talent, versatility and the power to change the world, which atomic particle is the champ? Read what our four contenders have to say …

Illustration of the field

Follow us down this yellow brick road to learn how these deceptively small molecules conceal enormous potential for applications from carbon capture t…

cartoon of first time for scientist

In the first year of this new decade, we asked researchers about their most memorable first-time experiences as scientists. Here’s what they had to sa…