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The National MagLab is funded by the National Science Foundation and the State of Florida.

Try This at Home

Hey, kids! Do try these cool science activities at home! They’re easy, fun and most can be done with stuff you have around the house.

activity book thumbnail

Color, connect the dots and word-search to learn about magnets in this cool activity book available both in English and in Spanish.

Atomic Ornament thumbnail

Build the structure of carbon, neon, nitrogen and lithium to create a beautiful DIY ornament in this STEM craft activity.

Brain Cerebrum Hat thumbnail

What’s going on inside that brain of yours?  Learn more about your brain, its parts and what they do, by building a brain Cerebrum hat!

Crystal Growing

Watch crystals grow in this time lapse footage and learn how to grow your own crystals at home.

DIY Kaleidoscope thumbnail

Kaleidoscopes usually contain mirrors and pieces of colored glass or paper to produce changing patterns visible through an eyehole when the tube is ro…

drawing magnetic field lines thumbnail

Magnetic fields are invisibile, but with this activity you can – abracadabra – make the field lines appear!

Fractal thumbnail

When you draw a triangle inside a triangle again and again and again at smaller scales, you are making a fractal. A fractal is a pattern that repeats …

Make a Compass Activity thumbnail

Compasses are actually very simple. If you ever forget which way is north, follow these steps to make one yourself.

makeshift magnets thumbnail

Turn your trash into treasure by creating your own high-field magnet models.

Making Electromagnets thumbnail

What do you get when you mix a battery, a bit of copper wire and a nail? One of the most important forces in science. Try it yourself and let the forc…

Making Ferrofluids thumbnail

This iron-packed substance has a dual personality; one second it's a liquid, the next it's a solid. Mix up a batch at home and see how this unique stu…

Möbius strip thumbnail

When you take a strip of paper, give it half a twist, and join the ends, you have created a Möbius strip.

See Iron in Food thumbnail

Iron is found in magnet, steel beams – and in our food! It tastes better in cashews than in bar magnets!

Shapeshifting Slime thumbnail

It’s slime time! Use the recipes below to make your own ooey gooey slime and explore its shapeshifting states of matter.