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The National MagLab is funded by the National Science Foundation and the State of Florida.


Take a field trip to these high magnetic field landmarks around the globe.

Illustration of High Field Magnet Laboratory and FELIX Laboratory

In the Netherlands, researchers double down on new discoveries by boosting the power of high-field magnets with lasers.

A map of Copenhagen

Trace the two-centuries-old steps of the discoverer of electromagnetism.

Research scientist Maedeh Darzi studied this 18th century Islamic prayer book using infrared light generated by a synchrotron.

A magnet-powered synchrotron at the first major international research center in the Middle East aims to draw scientists into cross-cultural collabora…

The Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak (or EAST) uses more than a dozen 6-tesla superconducting magnets to generate and contain sun-like energy.

By manipulating plasma with magnets, scientists are creating the same kind of energy produced by stars.

Illustration of the Sun

In addition to heat and light, our sun cranks out a complex, swirling magnetic field.

Tissue sodium concentration maps of a 24-year-old (left) and a 73-year-old (right) made in the 9.4-tesla MRI show differences in cerebrospinal fluid (white) but little variance in brain tissue (green) despite age.

Pack a sack lunch and load up! We're hitting the road to learn how this massive magnet tracks sodium moving through your brain.