Can magnets really be demagnetized like in Netflix's Stranger Things? Find out with this lesson plan.

Magnetic Putty

This lesson plan outlines an activity that teaches students about subatomic particles and the roles they play in our daily lives.

Magnetic Putty

Magnets come in all shapes and sizes. Find out how to make magnetic Silly Putty at home using a few simple ingredients.

How ignition coils work.

Seeing is believing. In these animations, we show you what electricity and magnetism might look like if they weren't invisible.

Science Show & Tell with Wale Akinfaderin

Wale Akinfaderin explains how a legendary free kick netted him another important goal: a career in physics.

A shrunken quarter (left) next to a full-size quarter.

The interplay of magnetic and electric forces can shrink a U.S. quarter to the size of a dime – in one millionth of a second.

Illustration of right and left hand rules.

When it comes to learning about electricity and magnetism, there are no better tools than your right and left hands. Read more.

MRI machine.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging machines are powered by strong superconducting magnets. Find out what makes them tick.

Arc lamp.

In 1876, Sir Humphry Davy saw light jump across a gap in a circuit. One of the first electrical lights, the arc light, was born.

What is...


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    Samuel Taylor Coleridge lends a hand as we explore cryogenics — the art and science of how to get things fantastically frigid.    Read more

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