7 July 2015

Preparing for your MagLab Visit

What should be done BEFORE your visit to the Magnet Lab?

  • Apply for funding to cover travel or dependent care costs. (Select users only)
  • Book your travel.
  • Make housing accommodations. (Additional information for Travel and Lodging.)
  • Complete safety training.
  • Order supplies if necessary.
  • Contact your user support scientist with any questions.
  • Review your experiment participants and update if needed.
  • DC Field Users only: Review the email sent by the DC Field Coordinator, sent approximately one week prior to your magnet time, for resistive schedule information and User badge/key pick up instructions.
  • Contact the Facility Coordinator if you are having shipments sent to the Magnet Lab, or arriving early for your scheduled magnet time.

What should be done AFTER your visit to the Magnet Lab.

  • Make sure you return all User badges and keys that were issued to you/your group.
  • Provide feedback. All users will receive an email after their visit requesting feedback on their experience at the lab.
  • Report results of your research at the end of the calendar year.

If you have any user questions, please visit our User FAQ.

Last modified on 7 July 2015