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Request Magnet Time

Want to use one of the National MagLab’s magnets, which are available to scientists around the world free of charge? This is where you start.

New User


First register using this link, then return to this page and follow the below instructions.

Returning User


After logging in, you can add a new experiment by clicking "Duplicate" on the experiment page, then adjusting the dates and attaching a Prior Results Report.

Welcome to the National MagLab! Whether you're a returning or first-time user, you'll have access to a wide variety of unique magnets via a competitive proposal process. All user facilities accept proposals throughout the year. See instructions for requesting magnet time below, check the list of policies and procedures on this page, and reach out for the appropriate contacts listed on this page for guidance or with questions.

We look forward to working with you.

How to request magnet time

1. Prepare documentation


You need a proposal for magnet time requests in all facilities. Please complete the FAIR Data Management Form (pdfsee Guidelines) and include the following combined in one pdf file:

  • A description of the proposed science and/or technology development (no more than 3 pages), including broader impacts of the work. Cited references do not count towards the three page limit.
  • A one-page description of the previous relevant work.
  • A biographical sketch of the PI (using this pdfbio sketch template).

Prior Results Report

Users applying for the DC Field and Pulsed Field facilities are required to prepare a Prior Results Report. We prefer that you use our docxreport template.

Animal Use Application Form

Users applying for the NMR facility and using live vertebrate animals are required to submit a completed pdfAnimal Use Application Form.


2. Log in

Log in

If you're a new user, you will need to first register.

Starting soon, you will be asked to include your ORCiD on your user profile. Don’t have one or don’t know what orcid 24x24 is? pdfLearn more about ORCiD.


3. Submit your request

Upload your prepared files and provide detailed information about the proposed experiment, specifically:

  • The magnet system(s) you would like to use
  • Sample(s) information
  • Experimental plan
  • Schedule request
  • Funding source(s) information
  • Prior Results Report (required for DC Field and Pulsed Field facility only)
  • Contact information for every new collaborator

4. Report your results

After your work is completed, please report all publications resulting from use of MagLab facilities, including talks, books, Ph.D. and masters theses, and other one-time publications via the MagLab's User Reporting System. Please also take a moment to review (and revise if needed) the information linked to your completed experiment(s) in the User Online System. Learn more about pdfuser reporting.

Publications, presentations, or other activities or products resulting from use of MagLab facilities should include one of the following two acknowledgements:

A portion of this work was performed at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, which is supported by the National Science Foundation Cooperative Agreement No. DMR-1644779 and the State of Florida.


The National High Magnetic Field Laboratory is supported by the National Science Foundation through NSF/DMR-1644779 and the State of Florida.

Three additional points about the above acknowledgements:

  1. Papers that used our Pulsed Field Facility should include “and the U.S. Department of Energy” to the above acknowledgements.
  2. Papers that used our ICR Facility should read "A portion of this work was performed at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, which is supported by National Science Foundation Division of Materials Research and Division of Chemistry through DMR-1644779 and the State of Florida."
  3. For data collected from 2012-2017, the grant number to use is DMR-1157490. The current grant number of DMR-1644779 is to acknowledge data collected in the five year period from 2018 to 2022. Please include both grant numbers if your data were collected during both time periods.

For interviews:

NSF support must also be orally acknowledged during all news media interviews, including popular media such as radio, television and news magazines.

For powerpoints or posters:

Please include the MagLab logo (available for download at the Brand and Logo page) and NSF logo (available for download at the NSF Logos and Usage Standards page) when showing high field data.

Last modified on 18 March 2022