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X-ray alignment of single crystals

The X-ray alignment is sample preparation technique that is done prior to putting single crystals into the magnets.

Single-crystal alignment is available for samples that require measurement strategies concerning a certain orientation axis. A computerized automatic diffractometer (CAD-4) system will be used to determine the crystal orientation based on X-ray diffraction data collected. The orientation of the full reciprocal lattice is obtained. Crystal cutting and polishing capabilities on the oriented specimens are also available.

The automated diffractometer (CAD-4, four independent axes) can collect X-ray diffraction data from single-crystal specimens up to 12mm in size, with high precision, flexibility and reliability. Crystals are mounted on a goniometer head and aligned on the diffractometer. If needed, the goniometer head can be transferred to either a cutting or polishing jig for obtaining a defined sample shape. Precision better than 1 degree can be obtained.


  • Compatible Magnets

  • Compatible Sample Environments

  • Available equipment

General sample preparation. It is suitable for all magnets

General sample preparation. It is suitable for all sample environments

CAD4 diffractometer, cutting jig, polishing jig

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Last modified on 26 June 2020