Raman Magneto-Spectroscopy in DC Fields

In a Raman scattering experiment, a specimen is shined with laser light of a known frequency (energy) and polarization, and the scattered light is collected and analyzed for frequency and polarization.

Currently, high-field magneto-Raman experiments can be performed in the back scattering geometry at frequencies >100cm-1. Fiber-based setups are available for magneto-Raman experiments with various DC field magnets, including the 45T hybrid magnet. The same fiber-based probes can be used for other magneto-optical studies (photo-luminescence, photo-conductivity, reflectance). Optical inserts for superconducting magnets and the 31T magnet in cell 9 resistive can be equipped with piezo-positionners allowing for spatially resolved measurements.

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  • Compatible Magnets

  • Compatible Sample Environments

  • Available Equipment

Resistive Magnets

Superconducting Magnets

  • Triple stage spectrometer (PI Acton TriVista 557), LN2 cooled CCD
  • 0.75m spectrometer (PI Acton SP-2760), LN2 cooled CCD

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