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Sample Preparation Laboratory

In recognition of the fact that sample preparation is important in materials characterization, our laboratory has extensive facilities for metallographic, scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and transmission electron microscopy (TEM) sample preparation.

The various categories include a dark room for developing negatives, as well as:

Metallographic and SEM Sample Preparation Facility

  • Struers’ Primopress, Uniforce and Buehler’s Simplimet for sample mounting
  • Struers’ RotoPol-21 and RotoPol-2 for grinding
  • Struers' Vibratory polisher, Abrapol-2 and Buehler’s Vibromet2 for polishing
  • Struers’ Accutom-5 for cutting

TEM Sample Preparation Facility

  • Low speed saw
  • Struers TenuPol-5 jet polishing system
  • Gatan dimpler
  • Gatan Precision Ion Polishing System (PIPS)
  • Gatan Solarus™ (Model 950) Advanced Plasma Cleaning System
  • Fischione ion mill
Last modified on 30 March 2015