19 July 2018

SciGirls I 2018 - Day 3

 SciGirls1 at Panama City

Today’s adventures took us to Panama City, where we enjoyed scientific amusement at Wonder Works. Although it may appear to be an upside down house, Wonder Works is much, much more. Bits of science trivia are scattered throughout the building and then there are the numerous, hands on activities. We created shadows that stayed put after we walked away, played with a bed of nails, explored larger than life bubbles, felt gravitational pull on various simulators, played piano with our feet, climbed a challenging zip line course, played laser tag and much, much more!

Our afternoon escapades began at Captain Anderson’s marina where we boarded a ferry departing for Shell Island. We were swarmed by sea gulls who were attracted by Cheetos on our voyage. The pristine Shell Island provided an oasis, beautiful sugar sand, cool water and a wonderful breeze. While some girls ventured out into the water with goggles, others searched for seashell treasures or played a game of Beach Quest. Many fish were spotted as well. On our way back to the marina we saw a pod of dolphins and a collection of marine life collected by the boat staff. All in all, it was a fantastic day. Tomorrow, we’ll get in tune with our geological/archaeological side as we head to an attapulgite mine.

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