Assistant in Research

Job ID 52225

Application Deadline: Open until September 9, 2022.

The Magnet Science and Technology (MS&T) Division of the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory (MagLab) is seeking an exceptional Assistant In Research to undertake research and manage state-of-the-art Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEMs) and Field Ion Beam (FIB) SEMs.

The MagLab has been the world's premier high field magnet laboratory for 30 years and has been an important center for the development and application of materials for high field magnets. The successful applicant for this position will 1) manage and maintain the SEM lab and metallurgical sample preparation lab and 2) advance the materials characterization activities in the MagLab. This individual will be engaged in materials development and characterization for ultra-high field magnets and will work with a team of other microscopists and scientists in managing and maintaining of SEMs and FIB SEMs. This position requires a self-motivated, detail-oriented professional with great microscopy skills and hands-on aptitudes.

Major duties include the following. Assisting and training users for the operation of SEMs and related sample preparation equipment. Routine maintenance (major equipment is under service contract) and essential repair of the microscopes and related sample preparation equipment. Bookkeeping, including logs, billing, maintenance record, inventory, and purchasing of consumables. Conducting research to relate microstructure to material properties.

The qualified applicants are expected to have academic master's degree or highest-level terminal degree in physics and materials science-related disciplines from an accredited institution; or to have equivalent qualifications based on professional experience. This position requires a self-motivated, detail-oriented professional with great microscopy skills and hands-on aptitudes. Experience with hands-on cryo-FIB, orientation imaging, and energy dispersive spectroscopy and at least five years of hands-on experience in SEMs, SEM FIB, and SEM-lithography is a plus.

Preference will be given to individuals with a demonstrated record of experience in SEMs in a multi-user environment. A candidate with good management, communication, and interpersonal skills is encouraged to apply.

Apply to Florida State University at, job ID# 52225. The position is advertised as open until September 9, 2022.

For additional information, contact:
Bettina Roberson:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, Florida State University,
1800 E. Paul Dirac Drive
Tallahassee, FL 32310-2740

The National MagLab is operated for the National Science Foundation by a collaboration of institutions comprising Florida State University, the University of Florida, and Los Alamos National Laboratory.

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